Garv Automotive

what I’m going to talk about today is stay in the right lane and what I mean by that is, man, don’t worry about what other people are doing, don’t worry about what other people are doing inside the dealership.

I’m talking about sales guys man, focus on yourself, this is your business, you hear that, this is your business, so focus on yourself, you don’t see walmart wondering what targets doing? You don’t see starbucks wondering what roasters is doing?

They focus on their business. Yeah, we all love friendly competition, but you don’t see walmart complaining about the deals that targets given out. Don’t focus on what they’re doing. Don’t focus on how many leads they’re getting, how many internet leads are getting focus on your business. If they’re getting more internet leads than you, then maybe they’re doing something that the management wants them to do and they’re getting rewarded with the extra internet leads.

Don’t worry about how much money they’re making. You worry about the money that you make mind your own business, stay in the right lane, don’t focus on how much money they make, man, don’t focus on how many cars they have out, don’t focus on how many cars that they’ve sold, you only focus on what you’ve sold, focus on yourself.

Stay in the right lane and last, but not least if they leave early or if they take a Saturday off, that’s none of your business, stay in the right lane. Focus on your business guys. I guarantee if you focus on yourself and only yourself, you’ll start succeeding more than if you’re focused on everybody else and what they’re doing.

Because you’re getting sidetracked, focus on the right lane. Stay in the right lane, and I guarantee you’ll be more prosperous, you’ll make more money and you’ll be one step closer to that financial freedom that you hope to be at. So stay in the right lane